'Christianity with it's sleeves rolled up'...

 ...is how the Mayor of Wandsworth described the work of our church, here in South London.  

The church is part of the Community Missions work of Livability, a national charity formerly known as The Shaftesbury Society.  Situated in the middle of an inner city council estate, we are fondly known as 'the Mission'.  The Mission has had a thriving ministry in Battersea for well over a hundred years, and today we continue to build on the legacy of community outreach, support, and empowerment.  At the heart of our work is a worshipping community, and we are affiliated to New Frontiers, an international family of evangelical churches.

The following pages will give you some insight into who we are, but as always, the best way to get to know us is to come and spend some time with us.  You are of course welcome.


  • Mission
  • Security, Significance, and Self Worth
  • Vision
  • Our vision is to reach and befriend more and more people who consider themselves to be marginalised, to see them grow in Security, Self Worth, and Significance, and to increase in our ability to serve them.   This can be summed up by two passages from scripture:  The Messianic Promise, and the story of Adullam’s Cave