Reaching Out

  • Friends Together
  • At the heart of all our activities is Friends Together.  Held on the first Sunday of each month, and after the church service, we stay in the building to enjoy a delicious meal together.  There is always a great buzz of activity, it's the ideal place to get to know one-another, and you'll probably be asked to give a hand in the kitchen!  After the meal there is a short devotional time for those chose to stay.
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  • Cheer
  • Cheer is a leading ministry for the encouragement, healing and restoration of those who find themselves parenting alone.  Cheer assists single parents, whatever their circumstances, addressing issues of isolation, loneliness, and sometimes even shifts in financial circumstances, offering them fellowship, prayer, teaching and practical help, as well as a listening ear.
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  • Community Development
  • We believe that showing faith in action is at the heart of the gospel, and are passionate about the unique role that local church can play in bringing good news to the poor.   We are keen to be relevant to the needs of our local community, and to offer a range of supportive activities.  Recent examples include Healthy Eating, Weight Management, Job Clubs, Parenting Skills, Homework Clubs, and Advice.
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